Watch your Favorite Sports with Spectrum in Connecticut

FIFA World Cup 2018 is happening right now, or you can say that FIFA Fever has begun in the whole world.

Being a Soccer fan, you cannot miss any single moment of your favorite team kickoffs.

It’s a month-long tournament so you must have a fantastic internet with faster speed to watch all the matches live.

With the most rapid rate of the internet by Spectrum in Connecticut State, you will not miss any moment.

The features that present it a better option for World Cup are superb, and you will not get them from other providers.


Some of its features are listed here.

No Data Caps:

Watching the World cup till its Final Kick will require a lot of internet data as live streaming consumes data so much.

Spectrum Internet offers unlimited data with no data caps.

So you don’t have to care about bandwidth.


Fastest Speed for Live Streaming:

Live streaming requires a stable and faster speed, so it does not have to load.

In this context, Spectrum offers its internet services starting from 100mbps that is sufficient enough for live streaming.

It also has the higher internet speed plans up to 300mbps.

For higher internet speed, contact My Cable Internet, official service retailer of Charter to have an enhanced live experience.


Free Wi-Fi at home and City:

Charter provides a free Wi-Fi modem at your home that is included in your internet plan. So if your laptop is engaged, you can easily watch the matches on your cell phone or tablet.

That Free Wi-Fi is not just at home; it’s also free in the City.

You will find many Free Spectrum Wi-Fi Spots (only for Charter customers), or you can see it online on Charter site.

You can use it with your unique ID and Password.

So whether you are at home or outside in the city, there is no chance to miss any single moment of World Cup.

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